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Darla MooreAlways busy, juggling kids, juggling work, juggling household duties… what’s a busy girl to do? DO MORE!

Whenever I felt overwhelmed and that I wasn’t getting enough help at home, I just had to tell myself, “Well, you’re the mom!” None of the chores were going away until they were done, and I wouldn’t get any rest from the growing lists in my head if I just let things slide. So I worked harder, I worked longer, I got it done.


My daughters are grown and having kids of their own, and I realized I succeeded. My job as “Mama” was to take care of them and get them launched out into this world on their own. And despite a divorce, and parental alienation, and the judges and lawyers and counselors that were all too far in our business, for too many years, we survived. And survived well. And lived to tell the tale of how we always came through better than before.

Along the way I was happy when friends and family would comment how I could maintain a smile and be so positive when I had so much to deal with. Funny how everyone else sees a divorce coming before you do. But it was important to me to maintain the family routines and that my kids were happy and positive.


I didn’t want them to waste time worrying or to be afraid to stand up for themselves. I raised my kids to be leaders and not sit back and wait. We shared long walks and meaningful talks on the weekends and lots of discussions late into the night. I started noticing more and more of their friends hanging out, too, and my girls were including me in the conversation instead of trying to get me to go away.

sisters in the kitchen

The conversations usually ended up in the kitchen about girlfriends and boyfriends and life! I was the one they were coming to talk to and ask questions about anything and everything… I loved that everyone was always comfortable at my house and the conversation and laughter flowed late into the evening.

I wanted to help them towards a greater love, listening to their intuition and allowing them to find their own answer. I enjoyed turning their conversations around… from what wasn’t working to what to try next… or what they didn’t like to brainstorming about what they did like… and what they desired out of life.

All my friends and colleagues would also ask me for advice or confide their secrets in me, too, and be grateful to me for our mini-counseling sessions. I helped them leave fear and worry behind and let all of their hopes and dreams become the focus and fuel they needed to feel stronger and more confident about their future… about their true desires.


What is that magical formula to make everything better? That logic and wisdom that gives us the chance to see through difficult situations and get to the other side? I will give you a hint: It’s caring about each other more than yourself.


For just a moment, can you put yourself in their shoes and see what the situation might feel like to them? What if the situation was reversed and you were them? What if you were to just let it go? Would it matter tomorrow? Or in a year from now? Just think about it for a moment without reacting.

By caring and being compassionate to everyone and everything around you is all about love! The more you give, the more you receive. Your life is like a mirror and all your energy (whether good vibes or bad) projects out into the world and reflects back to you. To be heard, we have to listen. To be understood, we have to seek to understand. To receive, we have to be grateful. To be trusted, we have to trust. To be loved, we must love.

The real secret of life is not about the law of attraction or the ability to manifest an abundant life… the real secret is love. Love unconditionally.

And if at first you don’t succeed, try again!






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