Does Everyone Find Love? Is There Someone For Me?

Dear Family & Friends,

Some of us make friends easily and some of us are more reserved and on the quiet side. Finding friends and making friends becomes a chore instead of something that excites us and encourages us and elevates us to another level of happiness we didn’t know we needed until we found it.

That’s what happened to Thomas. He went through high school without a serious girlfriend. He loved from afar because his love interests always seemed to be out of reach. He began to doubt himself and wondered, does everyone find love?

Finding Someone To Love
OR —
How To Be Open To New Relationships

Thomas was attending college and began working a part-time job. He wanted to date, but never found the right time to ask a girl out. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, and he realized he was especially attracted to one of his co-workers.


They spent time together outside the office, too, and always had a lot to talk about. They shared many of the same likes and dislikes. She made him happy. But when he asked her out on a real date, she told him she cannot be in a relationship because she’s too busy.

Navigating through the sea of love is a tricky process. We all make time for the things we want. So when a girl says she is too busy for a relationship, that is code for “I’m just not that into you.”

But, YES! I believe everyone finds love!  The secret of having friends, is being a friend. The same applies to finding that special someone. You have to give love and be open to receive love for it to flow back into your life and find you!

People are naturally drawn to other people who are happy and having a good time; they want to be a part of that happiness. If you spend your time sulking and wondering why you can’t find a connection, it just might be that you are turning people off with your sadness or emptiness.

You need to be aware of your energy and what you are putting out there in the world. Whatever positive or negative energy you are feeling inside is the same positive or negative energy you are projecting outside to everyone else around you.

That’s what Thomas learned from his experience. He was too busy seeing what this girl could add to his life instead of adding value to her life… He came across too desperate and needy. She wasn’t the answer to fix his loneliness.


Being a true friend and loving others is what brings people back to you. Venture out and share yourself and share your ideas… and enjoy yourself in the process! People will want some of that happy energy, too. You will find love swirling all around you. And you’ll probably be able to take your pick from all the pretty girls!

Smile! Love is coming your way!

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