Waiting On A Kiss Good Night From Someone You Love

Waiting On A Kiss Good Night From Someone You Love

Dear Family & Friends,

Cathy was up early before the kids to have a little time to herself and enjoy her coffee. In a matter of minutes, her peace would be interrupted by one or all of the children, followed by her husband.

Chris was a good provider, a hard worker in a physically demanding job, and the kind of man Cathy knew she could always rely on. He was a loving husband and a devoted father who also spent time on the weekends helping his elderly parents around the house. But lately, Cathy was feeling distance growing between them.

Can You Change Someone Else?
OR  —
Be The Change You Wish To See

She didn’t understand why Chris was not more supportive. They agreed before the kids were born that Cathy would stay at home with the kids. Unfortunately, money became tight and they started looking for ways to make extra money. Cathy found a job she could do at home and diligently put in the hours to  generate some extra income. Instead of being proud of her, Chris seemed more annoyed as time went by.

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