Should I Co Sleep With My Baby: Benefits & Dangers

Should I Co Sleep With My Baby: Benefits & Dangers

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“Does your daughter sleep through the night?  You know, it might be time for her to sleep in her own bed. Why did you even buy a crib if you weren’t going to use it?” Robin was listening to her mother complain about where her grandbaby should be sleeping.

“No, I don’t know that,” Robin replied. “We’re still breastfeeding and it’s fine for Crystina to be sleeping with us. We will use the crib when we’re ready.”

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Robin believed breastfeeding and co-sleeping is how to bond with your baby. She loved bonding with her baby and she knew co-sleeping made it easier to establish and maintain a successful breastfeeding relationship. Her mother didn’t breastfed any of her babies, so she didn’t understand how important this was to Robin.

Natalie was very vocal about her opinions. She believed there was a real danger of a mother rolling over and smothering her tiny infant, or that her Crystina is vulnerable to SIDS because they are co-sleeping, when doctors don’t even know the actual cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

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