Just Living To Winning: Be Brave & Happy

Just Living To Winning: Be Brave & Happy

Dear Family & Friends,

I went to pick up my 3-year old son from his dad’s house after work. Once upon a time we were married and raising our happy family together, but now we couldn’t agree on anything. Rules were so different at each house, it was so bizarre.

How To Deal With Difficult People
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With A Difficult Situation

For some reason, they were arguing when I arrived. His father was overreacting and yelling at our little boy by the time I walked up to the porch. I didn’t know what the problem was, but as my son walked past me and towards the car, I could see the anger rise up in him. His little hands turned to fists and his shoulders arched up high. He turned around and pointed at his dad, “I’m not the jerk! You’re the jerk!”

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