Does Everyone Find Love? Is There Someone For Me?

Does Everyone Find Love? Is There Someone For Me?

Dear Family & Friends,

Some of us make friends easily and some of us are more reserved and on the quiet side. Finding friends and making friends becomes a chore instead of something that excites us and encourages us and elevates us to another level of happiness we didn’t know we needed until we found it.

That’s what happened to Thomas. He went through high school without a serious girlfriend. He loved from afar because his love interests always seemed to be out of reach. He began to doubt himself and wondered, does everyone find love?

Finding Someone To Love
OR —
How To Be Open To New Relationships

Thomas was attending college and began working a part-time job. He wanted to date, but never found the right time to ask a girl out. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, and he realized he was especially attracted to one of his co-workers.

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