When She Drinks Too Much: How To Deal With A Drunk Mother In Law

When She Drinks Too Much: How To Deal With A Drunk Mother In Law

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Daniel didn’t want to be deployed away from his family anymore and miss his children growing up, so he retired from military service. The couple moved back to Daniel’s home town. He was working with his dad again until he could find a steady job.

Michelle called me up and told me what was happening, “I have the world’s worst monster-in-law! When we go to visit, she starts drinking early in the morning and doesn’t stop until she passes out in the evening.”

How To Deal With A Difficult Mother In Law
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How To Deal With Your Mother In Law

“Keep in mind, while this is going on, she’s telling me how to be a mother and trying to take my daughter out of my arms (even if I’m nursing!). I love my husband and I want to be able to tolerate his mother so there isn’t a strain. How do I deal with her constant negative comments and drinking?”

Daniel’s parents, Dorothy and Jack, had been married for years… nobody really knew how long. Nobody really knew why. They bickered at one another constantly, they certainly didn’t seem happy. They both drank ridiculous amounts of alcohol when they weren’t working, and just seemed to be living their life in a drunken haze.

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