An Every Day Survival Guide: How To Stop Stressing

An Every Day Survival Guide: How To Stop Stressing

Dear Family & Friends,

“How do I stop stressing over everything?” Rosemary asked me. Rosemary is working from home and studying for classes, so she needs to be on the computer a lot. Plus, she is mom to a two-year-old boy who wants to play all the time… you know the type, boundless energy!

She would love to spend more time with him, but she is also planning to move in a few weeks and trying to pack up boxes on top of her heavy schedule. Feeling overwhelmed and stressing about all her worries, Rosemary was on the brink of crying, “I don’t know what to do to take care of him and get my work done, too.”

Simple techniques
When you are stressing too much
— OR —
When you are feeling low
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We got out some pots and pans on the kitchen floor and let her son pretend to cook with some wooden spoons. First of all, I told her, just breathe. Take a moment to catch your breath. Your cells in your body need oxygen and when you stop to take a few deep breaths, it really does wonders for your body and your brain.

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